Here are a few quality saddles that were sold during the past few years. We especially like balanced ride saddles made by Merlyn (Slim) or John Fallis and Vic Bennett. We’re partial to Circle Y as well as quality vintage saddles by Billy Cook, Billy Royal, McCall, Reinsman, and others. There are 29 photos.

15 inch Pat Wyse balanced ride made by Vic Bennett in Canada. My personal saddle.

Early Slim Fallis balanced ride with German sterling silver. My daily rider for many years.

16 inch Wyse/Bennett

Rare Simco balanced ride

Very rare Circle Y balanced ride

The only other Circle Y balanced ride I ever saw

Fred Hook center-fire custom made for me in Montana

Early Billy Cook

Early John Fallis

Another Early Billy Cook

Billy Cook racer

1993 McCall Very Valuable

Early Billy Royal

Early Buford

High-backed ranch saddle

Cactus Saddlery

Circle A

Circle Y light oil

Circle Y dark oil

Circle Y Cordura

Unusual 14 inch Circle Y adult saddle

Rare old Seargent's Store. Good, solid working saddle reasonably priced


Mid-eighties Wenger made by Circle Y


Faulkner Arabian saddle

Early-seventies Slim Fallis balanced ride purchased from original 96-year-old owner

American Saddlery

TexTan Imperial

I built this tack room from scratch with no formal plans but I always liked the way it turned out. It's 10' x 20' with tongue-in-groove pine walls, concrete floor, drop-ceiling, ample lighting, cedar blanket rack, medicine chest, saddle stands, etc. Always neat and tidy.

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