Spice, mini foal about 14 inches high

Sugar, Spice's mom

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9 year old AQHA gelding

One of the best I ever owned

King P234 right on his papers

Champion sired buckskin

Scruffy roan mare on arrival

Same mare later that Spring

Peanut was bone thin on arrival

Even our nursing moms stay fat

Alex, APHA at two-years-old

Alex at six-years-old

Handsome bay roan gelding

Well-built APHA five-year-old gelding

Dry Dock grand-daughter

Pretty foal at four months

Classic Paint

Classic Appaloosa

Paintaloosa... seriously

Missouri Fox Trotter

Outstanding cow horse pedigree

Dappled buckskin

The four yearling fillies

Promising youngster

Solid, older ranch/trail gelding

"The Old Man" very sweet and gentle


My last horse 2016

I couldn't bear to sell him so I  gave him to the new owners of the farm

Good horses are hard to find. Here are a few that I've owned over time. Most pictured here were sold during the last few years of operating the farm. Many of these horses show the benefit of our good pastures. Even our nursing moms stayed fat.


My first horse 1950