Before and After Photos

The house and grounds needed some attention when we bought the farm in 2001. Here are a few photos of some very early before and after cleanup. We hauled away 30 tons of debris, restored the house and barn and renovated the fence lines and pastures, built the pond, paved the driveway, added out buildings, improved existing buildings, etc. etc.

Many of these photos were scanned from developed film.

If you click on the link below or copy and paste it in your browser, you will see an aerial video of the farm when we sold it in 2016.

The farm the day we bought it

Typical overgrown, neglected "pasture"

The 40x80 barn in need of repair

New roof, eaves, shutters, porch rail and steps, door, shrubbery work, etc.

Very early pasture renovation

Hauling away trash and paving the equipment building

Driveway and fenceline work before paving. Willows, dogwood and split rail fencing were added later

Some very early property cleanup and trash removal around the barn.

The pool area before renovation

And after renovation

Typical interior photo. This is the living room before and after. We added oak floors in all rooms, painted every wall, remodeled the bathroom, etc.

A guest bedroom

Master bedroom

The Kitchen

The Den

The dining room, attic, basement, third bedroom and two baths are not shown