The farm the day we bought it

After some pasture renovation, fencing, landscaping, paint, paving, etc.

And painting and fencing...

And pasture renovation...

Building the 12 x 24 run-in shed.

A really pretty yard around the house

Beautiful in all seasons

Even winter...

We did get some rough weather...

A wind shear peeled back the roof...

And an ice storm did a lot of damage to some trees.

We were married under that Maple tree so I would never cut it down.

It did fully recover... eventually.

And, it snowed... from time to time...

We grew almost all our own vegetables from two enormous gardens.

And raised pork, veal and lamb for the freezer.

We sold hundreds of calves and a few sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits.

And, of course, we had horses.

We especially like purple horses such as these beautiful registered roans.

The colt in the photo on the left was born on the farm and grew to more than 16 hands.

The trotting pony pulling Lin and Chuck in the cart is only two years old in this photo.

The prettiest girl I ever saw

The perfect girl for me. And she can cook, too.

Do you believe this young lady is in her mid-thirties in these photos?

Daughter Caroline holding Kelly, her birthday puppy... and her puppy's puppies.

Daughter Kim sharing cereal with Kitty and smiling for the camera

Son Ben off to the prom on the left. That little golden lump in the grass is Kelly.

And that's Hunter with Ben on the right.

Kim's wedding day

Sisters and friends

The world's most photographed grandchild.

Kim's new-born daughter Brooke with her remarkably youthful-looking grandparents.

Granddad with Brooke and her pony, Eyore and Grandmom and Brooke baking cookies.

Nobody getting spoiled around here.

Kim's new-born son, Ryan, re-thinking the whole Baptism thing

And at two-years-old...

I ain't afraid o' no water

Smokey in a puppy point

The Force is strong in this one

And in his Halloween costume

Some early photos of the farm house.

The original, brick section was probably built in the mid-1800's.

I admit that I got a little weepy the day we moved away.

I hugged the corner of the home and thanked it for taking such good care of my family.

Our wedding day

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